Let your little one's light shine at Farmville

Child-First Curriculum

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​The curriculum we have designed is to deliver the physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs of early childhood. Our hands on learning experiences will strengthen your child​​'s development and prepare

them for Kindergarten.

We allow children to grow, experience new things

and feel secure and

capable in God's world.

2019-2020 School year fees

Classes begin in September and end in May. Nine equal payments are spaced monthly through the year and due by the 5th of each month.

One year olds - Mon & Wed or Tue & Thur    $190 per month
                       Mon - Thur                         $340 per month

Two year olds - Mon & Wed or Tue & Thur    $170 per month

                       Mon - Thur                         $300 per month

Three year olds - Tues & Thur                     $170 per month​                                Mon, Wed & Fri                $200 per month

                          Mon - Fri                         $330 per month

​Four year olds  -  Mon - Fri                         $245 per month

​Registration/Supply Fee is $200 per child (no more than $350 per family).

Preschool hours:

8:00 - 11:30 AM  daily
​Extended Day:

Lunch bunch
(See Director for available days)

Pickup by 1:30PM    $10 per day